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The Kitsap Aircraft Radio Control Society is an active aeronautical club with about 100 members of all skill levels, from novice to expert. If you are new to flying, be sure to check out our free "Learn to Fly!" offer in the featured section at right. --->

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at Marlin Little Field or at The Sunnyslope Improvement Association during the winter.

For more information on how to join or to get involved, contact us.

RC Events Calendar Upcoming Events

7 Saturday Breakfast - Bremerton Airport Diner, 8:00 am
7 Racing - Little Field, 10:00 am
7 Combat! - Little Field, 12 noon
10 Regular Meeting - Little Field, 7:00 pm
17 Open Shop, 7:00 pm
28 Warbirds Fly-in - Little Field, 7:30 am

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Club NewsClub News

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Safety Concerns

Recently there have been several incidences of club members not knowing, not understanding, and/or ignoring written and oral club rules resulting in aircraft coming too close to personnel, vehicles and other RC aircraft. The Board has proposed incorporating the oral rules into the written rules and modifying the existing written rules to clarify what is expected and required of club members at Little Field. Please review these documents and provide comments and/or recommendations to any Board member. The Board will be finalizing proposed club rules for discussion at the May club meeting.

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All flying club members are required to know and follow AMA and club rules. Current club rules are posted on the club website and on the bulletin board at the field. However, safety cannot be mandated by rules but must come from vigilant members, watching out for themselves, other members, and the public and full-scale aircraft. Remember: our field is near Bremerton airport and maintaining blue sky between models and full scale is a must. A spotter is highly recommended.

A number of field safety improvements are also being proposed. Click here to review them for discussion at the May meeting.

Work Party

Thanks everyone for the great turnout at the April 16th work party. We've hardly ever seen that many members at one time. Lots was done, including fertilizing, spraying, talking, runway patching, spreading gravel, eating, making trails, sweating, planning, cooking and more eating. It's was really great to watch the comradery and see everyone working together.

Membership Renewal

The form for renewals and new memberships for 2016 is available here. Mail the form with your annual dues to the address on the form or bring them to any club meeting.

Participants included Greg Tinius, Ron Mora, Lorin Miller, Tom Busman, Joel Anderson, Maxine and Jim Gilbert, Greg Wiren, Paul Fleming, Terry Hubbard, Jeff Kidston, Elliot Burks, Charlie Coulter, Rick Hein, Rick Fuller, Darrell Franks, Jed Casey, Ben Cruz, John Rowley, Harvey Smith, Mike McIntyre, Tom Rogers, Chuck McGuire, John Tilly, Duane Barrett and Ray Fahrnkopf.

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2016 Warbirds Fly-In

Scheduled for May 28th, 2016. Click here for more information.

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The Academy of Model Aeronautics is the world's largest model aviation association, representing a membership of more than 175,000 from every walk of life, income level and age group and is open to anyone interested in model aviation.

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Learn to Fly - Free!

Free RC Flying Lessons

     The Introductory Pilot Program is free to the trainee. It gives the beginning pilot an opportunity to learn how to fly using a club-supplied airplane and transmitter.
     The instructor's transmitter has full control of the aircraft but at any time, with the flip of a switch, allows the trainee to pilot the airplane with a second transmitter.
     It's a great way to learn about model airplanes while getting hands-on flying experience.
     For more information, contact the Head Flight Instructor.

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Marlin Little Field
(Bremerton  National  Airport)

Marlin Little Field weather (Provided by Weather Underground)

Directions to
Marlin Little Field

From Highway 16:
Take the Tremont Exit, turn west onto Clifton Rd. Travel 4.1 miles and turn left onto Sunnyslope Rd. Drive 1.9 miles, then turn right through the yellow gate. Proceed down the dirt road to the field.

From Shelton on Hwy 3 N:
Turn right on Lake Flora Rd. Proceed until reaching Sunnyslope Rd. Turn left onto Sunnyslope Rd. and proceed 0.9 miles. Turn left through the yellow gate to the field.

From Bremerton on Hwy 3 S:
At Gorst, keep right to remain on Hwy 3. Proceed 1.9 miles to the top of the hill, then turn left on Sunnyslope Rd. Drive 1.3 miles, then turn right to remain on Sunnyslope Rd. Proceed 1.9 miles, then turn right through the yellow gate to the field.

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